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We have a small family-run business on 36 acres raising gorgeous sweet puppies near Staples Minnesota. Each and every dog we own is considered part of our family. Our love and goals are to raise beautiful quality  Pomsky, Mini Husky, Pomeranian, and Siberian Husky puppies that are healthy and have great dispositions.

Our Ritzy Pomeranians live in our home as part of our family. They spend most of their time in the house but go out for exercise when the weather is good. Our Pomeranians are very well-bred and exceptionally gorgeous with excellent conformation!

Our Ritzy Pomsky and Mini Huskies live in a heated indoor kennel with doggie doors that go to outdoor runs. Pomskies and Mini Huskies have a wonderful happy loyal dispositions. If you love huskies and size is an issue you will be pleasantly pleased with this little version.


Our Ritzy Huskies have an indoor kennel and outdoor runs. They have plenty of space to run as well. In addition to this, we take them out for walks, bike rides, or a little sled work for the big guys. Our husky puppies carry excellent bloodlines.


Our Pomsky, Mini Husky, and Husky moms are brought into the house when they are ready to deliver. Depending on the mom, we keep them from 1 to 4 weeks. We want to ensure the health of mom and the puppies and of course give lots of puppy kisses!  All of our puppies of each breed are very well-socialized and loved! 


Our goal at Ritzy Puppies-N-Howlin Huskies is to provide a variety of gorgeous puppies that vary in size, color, and breed.  We love raising these furry babies for wonderful appreciative people and know you will love them! We are confident you will have to look for a long time to find the beauty and quality that we have here at Ritzy Puppies-N-Howlin Huskies!

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