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Buying information

Interested in a Ritzy Puppy?

Thank you for your inquiry about our puppies. We sincerely hope we are able to provide you with a wonderful family member! Choosing a pet to add to your home & family is a big decision. In order to find the perfect one, it is so important that you are informed about the characteristics of the breed, and temperament of the individual puppy before you acquire one. Bringing a puppy into your family is an exciting process, but having the knowledge of what to expect with any dog is the key to a successful life long relationship. We do not breed for any specific coat, eye color, or markings.  We feel the most important factor in choosing a great puppy is a temperament that is compatible with your home, family, yard, and other pets. We offer puppies as family companions only to approved homes. If you are purchasing a pet, you will agree to sign a contract stating that the dog is to be spayed/neutered and not to be used for breeding purposes. If you are looking to purchase a registered Pomeranian for breeding purposes, there will be an additional charge for breeding rights. We are looking for loving homes that are knowledgeable about the breed, and prepared for a puppy with a 12-15 year commitment. In order to assist you in selecting a great new family member, it would be helpful if you would please provide us with information in our puppy application.

Thank you!


Our Puppy Procedure

All of our puppies will be up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming when they go home to you. They will have a veterinary exam and health certificate. We will also send with you a puppy folder with info about your puppies breed and their veterinary records. Our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee.

Puppy Delivery and Shipping

If you are in a reasonable distance from Staples, MN I would love to meet you to deliver your puppy. 

Shipping costs range between $350 and $450 (Size and age restrictions apply and affect shipping cost)


What does the shipping fee cover?

Your puppy will be provided a brand new puppy carrier with absorbent material to provide comfort for the puppy, and a small food and water dish.

The pet carriers used are airline approved kennels.

We will also coordinate all times in consideration with you.  


How much do your puppies cost?

Price will depend on eye color, markings, size, color, looks, conformation, bloodlines, and AKC.

How do I get added to a waitlist?

To be added to our waitlist you will need to fill out our form. To be added to the wait list we do require a deposit. 

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